This is what happens when you wrap a slice of bread around your foot! Would you like to try it?

Wrap the bread around your foot? Don’t jump to conclusions until you’ve tried it!

Summer has arrived in all its glory this year, so we’re all heading outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Whether it’s a nice long walk, lounging in the park or at the beach, we’re here to relax. We like to get back out in our summer clothes and wear sandals or flip-flops all day long. But are your feet ready for that?

Are your feet ready for summer?


When it’s warm outside, it’s so nice to wear light, airy clothes like a summer dress or some shorts with a t-shirt. Feet love the sun, but it often happens that summer comes and our feet are not at all prepared for it. Our feet don’t get prettier during those cold, dark months because they are covered by socks and shoes all winter long. Small calluses can look quite unpleasant, and corns don’t just look terrible, they are also very painful!

Fortunately, a simple piece of bread can solve this problem. Go to the next page to learn more about it!


Calluses and corns look unattractive, especially when you’re wearing a cute pair of sandals. A problem like this can be a real disappointment. Fortunately, there is a simple solution, and you probably already have everything you need:

  • Bread
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Shrink wrap.

So how to make it.

Soak a piece of bread in apple cider vinegar. Place the soaked bread on the problem area, such as your heel if you have calluses there. Then wrap your foot tightly in shrink wrap. Leave it all on overnight and take it off the next morning. You probably won’t believe your eyes, because the calluses will be so soft that you can easily wipe them off with a dry towel! Just rinse them off with water and your feet will be ready for sunshine again!

Disclamer: There are no guarantees about specific results, and each person’s results may vary.

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