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Never Ever Put These 15 Foods in Your Fridge

Storage is always a hot-button issue whenever food is concerned. Many of us believe that the fridge is the best place for everything, but this isn’t true. Dairy products, food, and others are awesome when you keep them in the fridge, but there are also a lot of foods that lose their freshness when you keep them in the fridge as well.

For a lot of these foods, surviving in the cold is a problem. Others tend to lose their flavor and value when they’re kept in the fridge for too long.

Here are 15 foods that fall into the latter and how you can better store them:

1. Potatoes

Food, Potatoes

Yea, it’s important to store potatoes in a dark and cool environment. The problem with refrigerators, however, is that they’re just too cold. When a fridge is too cold, it breaks down the starch in a potato and gives it a gritty texture that you won’t like. 

Then, the starch turns to sugar in the fridge, and completely fouls the flavor.