15 Cancer Causing Foods You Could Be Eating Everyday

It’s a bit of a mood killer, but the truth is that a lot of the food we eat today are pretty bad for us – so bad, in fact, that they could cause cancers. Most of them have been artificially engineered to increase their numbers and the flavors that we love.

So, instead of eating on and being vulnerable because some company wants to make more money, it’s time to check out what could be killing you with every bite – or gulp.

1. Microwave popcorn

In general, the science supports that popcorn is pretty healthy. However, what makes it especially unhealthy is the way that most manufacturers choose to make it. There are several means of doing this, of course, but the most convenient way is exactly what can make popcorn to be dangerous.

Most microwave bags are lined with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) – a dangerous chemical that can cause kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and complications with the testicles and pancreas too.

2. Soda

Food, Soda

It’s no secret that soda isn’t the healthiest food out there. With so much sugar, consuming too much soda can put you at risk of inflammation and weight gain.

However, soda also contains a lot of artificial colors that increase the risk of cancer. Some of these include derivative 4-methylimidazole (4-MI). next time you want to drink a soda with some churros, you might want to think again.

3. Canned foods

Food, Canned foods

The most significant issue that canned foods have is actually concerning how we choose to store them. Aluminum cans usually have a lot of bisphenol-A, or BPA, which causes cancer. It’s especially worse when you’re consuming food that has a high acidity level, because this acidity will simply leech the BPA straight into the food.

A healthy alternative, of course, is to get frozen or fresh produce – or food in a can that has been labelled “BPA free.”

4. Potato chips

Food, Potato Chips

Let’s take away the fact that potato chips have a high content of sodium and fats – which are already a bit of an issue when consumed in high quantities. They also contain artificial flavors and colors, all of which are alien to the body.

There’s also a problem with the fact that potato chips are fried at high heat. While it’s the best way to enjoy your chips, it also creates acrylamide – a carcinogen that’s present in cigars and cigarettes.

5. Processed, smoked, and red meats

Food, Meat, Meats

From hamburgers and steaks to sausage and hot dogs, this category covers them all. Processed meats are preserved with chemicals like sodium nitrate, which can cause metastatic breast cancer.

Smoked meat also takes on tar while being smoked, so it’s just as dangerous too. Studies have also found that taking red meat daily can increase the likelihood of cancer by 22 percent.

6. Farmed salmon

Food, Farmed salmon, Salmon

Fishes have Omega-3, which is great for your body. Farmed salmon, however, usually gets a lot of pesticides, antibiotics, and chemicals to grow well.

Components like dioxins and mercury end up getting into their meat, and this is incredibly dangerous.

7. Hydrogenated oils

Food, Oil, Oils

We would all expect that vegetable oil should be good for the body. However, the process of extracting this oil from its source is questionable. The extraction process hydrogenates the oil, then there is a colorization process that gives it that sparkly look.

A lot of people consume these oils but they greatly impede the flexibility of the cells – thus causing cancer.

8. White flour

Food, White Flour

To make white flour, manufacturers have to conduct an extensive refining process. This destroys most of their natural nutrients. There’s also the fact that a lot of mills apply chlorine gas when whitening the flour. In excess amounts, chlorine gas is a problem for anyone.

All in all, white flour comes with a high glycemic rate – something that can increase insulin and blood sugar levels significantly. Since tumors need sugars to survive in the body, this is a perfect contributor to mesothelioma and other internal organ cancers.

9. GMO foods

Food, Apples

The entire point of genetically-modified foods is to ensure that they build a higher resilience to pests. However, not many tests have shown that these foods are healthy for human consumption. Some have even confirmed that participants developed pre-cancer symptoms.

This is why GMOs have been banned in a lot of countries.

10. High fructose corn syrup

Food, Corn

Cancer cells thrive on the growth of this sweetener. You might not get cancer from consuming it, but you’re creating a suitable environment for these cells to grow and thrive. HFCs and refined sugars are the biggest threats here.

The best counsel is for you to bake and cook at home, so you can measure the added sugar and replace it when it’s getting in excess.

11. Artificial sweeteners

Food Sugar

The rationale for these sugar substitutes is to provide a great weight loss solution. However, they’ve failed to do that. In fact, they prevent your body from measuring the amount of calories you consume.

Essentially, these sweeteners can make you want to take more sweets. They also have a lot of chemicals – including and especially aspartame – that evolve into DKP – a dangerous toxin. When it’s digested, DKP allows cancer-causing chemicals to thrive in the body.

12. Alcohol

Alcohol, Beer

It’s fine if you take some alcohol every now and then, but when it gets excessive, you run a higher risk of mouth and throat cancer. Other cancers that can be caught by alcoholics include rectum, colon, and breast cancer.

If you’re a woman and you drink way too much, you might want to stop and get a mammogram to be sure you’re fine.

13. Non-organic fruits and veggies

Food, fruit, Orange, lemon

Organophosphates and atrazine are just some of the pesticides that can be found in traditionally-grown fruits. Atrazine has already been found to cause some severe respiratory issues, and while it’s no longer allowed in Europe, it’s still allowed in the United States.

14. Pickled foods

Pickled foods

In addition to salt, nitrites, and vinegar, some pickled foods come with coloring as well. The most significant issue with pickled foods, of course, is the high salt content.

When you take too much, you could be putting yourself at risk of stomach cancer.

15. Hot drinks

Hot Drinks, Tea, Coffee

studies have shown that taking too many hot drinks can impair your throat and cause cancer there. When your drink gets to the 65°C (149°F) mark, you have a problem.


We know that may of what we just red are still being used to manufacture common food products today. It’s also pretty difficult to avoid many of them, since they’re so tasty. However, take solace in the fact that you’re making the better choice for yourself. With a little while of healthy eating, you’ll feel much better.