11 exercises ideal for a healed belly

If you want to have a sculpted belly, there are two things you need to do: reduce the fat of your belly, because who wants to waste time carving an abdomen that you can’t see? And do an exercise routine specifically targeted at your abdomen and oblique.

Increasing strength and sculpting these muscles is not easy, but with a good program you have half the battle wins. See number eight for an exercise that people don’t normally associate with the abdomen, and can make a big difference!

1. Abdominal in the cross

The corded abdominal works his main abdominal muscles (his toe). Lean at waist height and let your abdomen do the job by pushing the top of your body (and weight) towards your thighs.

Try to do three sessions from ten to twenty repetitions for best results.

2. Abdominal with extended arm

Standard sit-ups work your abdominal muscles and help tone them quickly. These are a good addition to a routine focused on the abdomen, but can hurt your back when you are not used to doing them.

You should also be aware that although the sit-ups are great for your abdomen, they do not work the entire region and therefore do not burn fats.

Start with a session of ten to twenty repetitions, and gradually increase as you get stronger.

3. Abdominal invertido sentado

The seated barbell twist focuses on your obliques. You should aim to get your elbow above the opposite knee, but if you find you can’t do that at first without it hurting, go as far as you can go, as it’s easy to hurt yourself doing these at first.

O abdominal invertido sentado foca nos oblíquos. Seu objetivo deve ser levar seu cotovelo acima do joelho oposto, mas se você achar que não consegue fazer isso, leve seu cotovelo até onde conseguir, pois é fácil se machucar quando é iniciante.

Comece com duas sessões de dez repetições, e aumente gradualmente para quinze a vinte.

4. Russian twist

The Russian Twist is a great exercise to do at home, where you may not have all the necessary equipment for some exercises. Not only is it an easy exercise to master, it also works the entire region, which means it can help your abdomen, obliques and even your glutes.

Start with three fifteen-repetition sessions, and gradually increase to three twenty-repeat sessions.

5. Advanced Russian twist

Once you master the basic Russian Twist mentioned in item four, you can try a more advanced one. To do this, elevate your feet about five centimeters before you start, and keep them high all the time during exercise. This will make you feel burn your abdomen.

Start with a ten-repetition session, and gradually increase to three fifteen-repetition sessions.

6. Abdominal with elevation of the legs

Focusing primarily on your abdomen, but also providing side effects across the region and arms and shoulders, leg elevation is by far the most effective abdominal exercise you can do – and also the most difficult. This is an exercise for those who have already achieved good endurance and now want exercises targeted at specific areas.

Start with five sessions of three to five repetitions, and gradually increase until you can do fifteen repetitions per session.

7. Advanced abdominal with leg elevation

The elevation of the legs is usually seen as the most difficult abdominal exercise to master, and for good reason. Once you’ve mastered it, there’s no reason to stop there. Try an advanced leg lift, vertically elevating your legs in front of you instead of curdled at them.

Start with five sessions of three to five repetitions, and gradually increase until you can do fifteen repetitions per session.

8. Cardiovascular exercises

Doing cardiovascular exercises is an important step towards getting the perfect abdomen – and one that many people fail to do. Although these exercises will not help you develop muscles directly, they will burn fat effectively, and that means that flat stomach will finally stay on display.

Cardiovascular exercise is not just running, if you find the idea of running inconceivable, try something else: rowing, cycling, jumping rope, swimming, boxing and zumba are just a few examples.

You should include at least one session per week, but the ideal is three to five twenty-minute sessions per week.

9. Flutter kicks

Flutter kicks (also known as scissor kicks) work your lower and upper abdomens, glutes and quadriceps. Not only are they great for hardening the main muscles of this region, but they also help burn belly fat.

Start with three sessions of twenty-five repetitions, and increase five kicks per session, or set an alarm and do the exercise continuously, starting with thirty seconds and increasing until you arrive in a minute.

10. Reverse abdominal

Abdominal reverse focuses on the lower abdomen, but also cause an impact on the obliques. The reverse abdominal can be done in the gym on a bench, but it can also be done effectively at home on a carpet.

Start with three sessions of ten repetitions, gradually increasing to three sessions of twenty-five repetitions.

11. Oblique reverse abdominal

The oblique reverse abdominal (or declined oblique abdominal) focuses on your obliques, an often neglected area of your abdomen. Exercise helps pull the side muscles of your abdomen for a more enhanced appearance. The oblique reverse abdominal is a great exercise for anyone with moderate to high levels of fitness.

Start with two sessions of ten repetitions, gradually increasing to three sessions of fifteen repetitions

Use these exercises to put together an intense and focused routine throughout your abdominal area, for that perfect tummy.

Don’t forget that routines like this work only if you’re also maintaining a calorie-controlled diet, since belly fat will hide in the muscles you’re working so hard to develop.

This sentence says it all: an abdominal exercise is just a party; your tummy starts in the fridge.

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