10 cancer-causing foods to avoid

Nowadays, it seems that anything we eat is irrevocably linked to cancer. It is very difficult to stay away from it and even though we may think we eat a healthy diet, there are probably still many foods in our diet that are carcinogenic.

Although we cannot avoid them completely, it is possible to stay away from those that have been scientifically proven to significantly increase the risk of cancer. These are the 16 cancer-causing foods you should avoid:

Processed meats

It is the hardest blow for a carnivore. How to resist the explosion of flavor on our palate offered by bologna, sausages, bacon, deli meats and sausages? But these foods are not worth enjoying only to be exposed to a high risk of cancer.

Processed meats are made with a lot of chemicals, additives and salts that deteriorate our health. “But the worst additives are those used in order to preserve the meat so that it looks fresh and appetizing.

Soft drinks

It’s no surprise that soft drinks are on this list. Whatever the type, soft drinks are detrimental to health. Not only do they increase the risk of cancer, but because they are made with lots of sugar, calories and artificial ingredients, they provide no nutritional benefit to the body.

One “harmless” can of soda sporadically almost doubles the risk of pancreatic cancer. With so many other possibilities, it is better to opt for something healthier.

Overcooked meat

Meat alone is already a risk factor, but the risk is increased even more when the meat is overcooked. What happens is that prolonged exposure causes PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) to be produced. This is a substance that promotes the development of cancer cells, especially in the pancreas.

In fact, the University of Minnesota has made a research where they prove this fact. In addition, they point out that the most harmful are fried or barbecued meats and recommend eating it baked or stewed.

Hot drinks

First, the International Agency for Research on Cancer and later, the International Journal Cancer, have reached the conclusion after several investigations that the consumption of hot drinks increases the risk of suffering from cancer.

A person who consumes tea, coffee, chocolate and any other liquid above 60°C every day is more vulnerable to developing esophageal cancer. The recommendation is to wait for the drink to cool down a little.

Red meat

At first glance, the consumption of red meat is necessary in our diet, as long as it is in moderate portions. In fact, meat may even help prevent some types of cancer. The problem lies in consuming the product too frequently. For example, a man who includes red meat in his diet on a daily basis adds 22% to the risk of developing a lethal cancer. A woman, on the other hand, would increase it by 20%.

Colon cancer is the cancer most associated with the consumption of red meat. The recommendation is to reduce its consumption and try to buy meat from exclusively grass-fed animals.

Farmed salmon

Isn’t fish one of the healthiest foods? It is, especially salmon. The problem is that a large percentage of salmon comes from fish farms. Of course, in these places they are artificially fed and contaminated with carcinogenic products, such as retardants, pesticides, antibiotics and may even be exposed to materials such as asbestos.

Captive salmon also has more fat and tends to release more toxins when cooked. Opt for fresh, natural fish.

Refined sugar

There is no environment more conducive and conducive to cancer cells than refined sugar. Sugar functions as the fuel to accelerate reproduction and propagation. The most dangerous of all is corn syrup, but the worst news is that you’ll find it in any candy.

Millions of people are addicted to candy, which is certainly a strong indication of why cancer rates have risen so dramatically in recent years.

Genetically Modified Products (GMO)

It was a permanent fixture on this list. As widespread and consumed as they are dangerous and harmful. GMOs are the biggest culprits of cancer and other diseases. Since the introduction of GMOs, the rates of autism in children, digestive and reproductive problems have risen sharply.

GMOs tested on mice have caused the growth of tumors and are found everywhere. They are usually derived from canola, soy and corn. How to avoid them? By eating food guaranteed to be GMO-free and buying organic food.

Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils are vegetable oils that cannot be extracted naturally like olive, soybean or canola oil, but must be produced chemically. They are frequently used to preserve foods, especially canned foods.

They are linked to heart disease, birth defects and very closely to cancer. It is important to never cook with hydrogenated oils and to verify on food labels that this product is not found in food.

Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn is very convenient and tastes amazing. Unfortunately, it hides a serious problem, it increases the chances of cancer in the liver, testicles and pancreas.

The problem is not the corn itself, but the chemicals used in the manufacturing of the packaging that coats the kernels and is also used to flavor the popcorn. If you love to watch movies and enjoy popcorn, I’m afraid you’re better off making it the traditional way.

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